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日本一周の旅 今度の休日、日本一周しませんか?日本一周の旅 今度の休日、日本一周しませんか?

We provide two types of tours: Plan A to enjoy beautiful sceneries in Japan, Plan B to learn Japanese history and culture.

beautiful sceneries

The plan for customers to enjoy beautiful sceneries of Japan, from superb mountains which change the color from season to season, the sound of a rushing creek, to awe-inspiring and breathtaking shrines and castles.

  • Aomori・Hirosaki Castle

  • Akita・Gozilla-iwa

  • Fukushima・ouchi-juku

The Tohoku region is known for its nature, panoramic views, soothing hot springs and local dishes. Don’t miss the contrast of colors made by the deep red of Gejo Bridge and the pink of cherry blossoms in spring.

  • Yamanashi・Mount Fuji

  • Ishikawa・Kenrokuen Garden

  • Nigata・Sadogashima

Visiting Hida Takayama in Gifu where the old cityscape is still preserved and enjoyed, Kenrokuen Garden which is one of the three great Japanese gardens in Ishikawa, and Sadogashima in Niigata where fantastical views such as a huge cave and a cove are seen.

  • Ibaraki・Ushiku

  • Chiba・Mother Farm

  • Chiba・Nokogiriyama Ropeway

In the Kanto area, we show you Ushiku Daibutsu VR, the gigantic stature of 120 meters located in Ushiku, Ibaraki. You will also enjoy watching 150 sheep marching in Mother Farm, Chiba.

  • Hyogo・Himeji castle

From the Kinki region, Himeji Castle, the UNESCO world heritage in Hyogo Prefecture, appears. Walk around the castle with VR and feel like you are time-tripping to the Edo period.

  • Yamaguchi・Tsunoshima Bridge

  • Okayama・Kurashiki River Funato

  • Shimane・Inasa

Tsunoshima Bridge in Yamaguchi Prefecture is over the ocean so clear that it changes the color by the sunlight. It is often featured in Japanese commercials for its beauty; enjoy the view.

  • Kawagawa・Angel Road

  • Tokushima・Kazura Bridge

  • Tokushima・Naruto Bridge

The ocean, the mountains, the sunshine…the Shikoku region is blessed by nature. Spend a romantic moment on Angel Road, the road made of sand which appears only twice a day in Kagawa. Enjoy the thrill of Kazura Bridge in Tokushima, the suspension bridge that shakes as you walk.

  • Nagasaki・Peace Statue

  • Fukuoka・Shikanoshima Island

  • Fukuoka・Field Kawachi Valley

The tour ends in Kyushu; you will visit the grand Peace Statue which reminds us of the tragedy of the atomic bombs as well as the importance of peace, and Koke Musu Mori (Mossy Forest) in Kagoshima, where the movie “Princess Mononoke” was inspired from.

history and culture

This is the tour where you get to visit the areas known for ancient myths, the places which played a crucial role in the history of Japan, the festivals and traditional events in each region; you will learn about the history and culture of Japan.

  • Hokkaido・Sapporo snow festival

  • Hokkaido・Sapporo snow festival

One of the most famous events of Hokkaido is Sapporo Snow Festival held at the beginning of February every year. Experience the atmosphere of this grand event by watching snow sculptures and unique cosplayers.

  • Akita・Namahage

  • Akita・Samurai residence

  • Fukushima・Wakamatsu Castle

Many old traditions still remain in the Tohoku region. We introduce various cultures, old and new, from this region, including “Namahage” (a demon-like figure in Japanese folklore) in Akita.

  • Ishikawa・Higashi Chaya district

  • Gifu・Hidafurukawa

  • Gifu・Shirakawa-go

There are a lot of traditional buildings left in the Chubu region. You will have a tour of valuable places such as Higashi Chaya in Ishikawa, which still keeps the atmosphere of a tea house in the Edo period, and the historic villages of Shirakawa-Go in Gifu with houses made with a steep rafter roof. Enjoy the traditional scenery.

  • Chiba・Narita Mountain Shinshoji Temple

  • Ibaraki・Kashima Jingu

You can find many places where you can feel the history and the culture of Japan in the Kanto region, as well. One of them is Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in Chiba, also known as “the Acalanatha of Narita”, since its opening in 940. This temple is popular among foreigners too.

  • Nara・Haseji

  • Wakayama・Kongobuji Temple

  • Hyogo・Takeda Castle

When it comes to the Kinki region, many would think of Japanese comedy culture and local dishes, but you can find a lot of famous temples there too. Don’t miss mysterious and spiritual places such as Hasedera Temple in Nara, one of the most famous sacred places worshipping Kannon (Bodhisattva).

  • Shimane・Izumo

  • Hiroshima・Peace Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Dome

  • Yamaguchi・Akama Temple

The Chugoku area is especially known for spiritual places. Visit Izumi Taisha Grand Shrine, known as the “origin of the myths”, and learn how it was built.

  • Kagawa・Konpira

  • Tokushima・Ryouzanji

Speaking of Shikoku, you might think of “ohenro san” (pilgrims) who visit the Shikoku’s eighty-eight sacred temples which worship Koubou Daishi, the founder of the Shingon sect. Watch the first temple which “ohenro san” visit, as well as Konpiragu, the temple known for a long series of stone steps leading to Gohongu.

  • Kumamoto・Aso

  • Fukuoka・Nagahama yatai

  • Nagasaki・Glover House

One of the cultures of Hakata, Fukuoka is “yatai” (food stalls). The flight ends with the scenery of the Kyushu region, including “yatai” and the Glover residence in Nagasaki, which was registered as a world heritage in 2015.

What sets FIRST AIRLINES apart from other services and is seen as the signature of FIRST AIRLINES is the spirit of “omotenashi”. As Japanese airlines are known for its high-quality service, we FIRST AIRLINES, too, strive to provide customers with qualities below.


We serve with a smile so that customers can feel at home.

Imagination and Creativity

We think of all kinds of situations which could happen during the flight and provide creative services for each and every one of customers, and not just cookie-cutter treatment.


We hope the memory of our service will stay with you long after the journey, by providing you with a wonderful flight.

All crew members are committed to these credos and provide customer with the ultimate flight experience.

Japanese Meal


Making the most of nature-blessed fresh ingredients. Enjoy the taste of each region of Japan.


Decorating high-quality plates colorfully with seasonal flowers to depict four seasons of Japan. Enjoy the taste of the meal, as well as the plates and the decorations.


Providing “ichiju sansei” menu which is great from the perspective of nutritional balance as well. Healthy and tasty dishes made of fresh ingredients are served.

A plan

B plan

北海道 ツアーA
ツアーB 5丁目_1(雪まつり)、北海道4丁目_22
青森 ツアーA 桜のトンネル歩き、青池、弘前城橋、弘前城寄り、奥入瀬渓流、雲井の滝、阿修羅の流れ、十和田湖
秋田 ツアーA 桧木内川堤、ゴジラ岩
ツアーB 武家屋敷桜、武家屋敷通り歩き、なまはげ、小田野家外観、小田野家内観
茨城 ツアーA 牛久大仏中距離/牛久大仏近距離
ツアーB JAXA外観、JAXA宇宙服、鹿島神宮入り口、鹿島神宮本殿
福島 ツアーA
ツアーB 大内宿、大内宿囲炉裏、鶴ヶ城、御薬園
千葉 ツアーA マザー牧場羊の大行進、マザー牧場 カピバラ、鋸山ロープウェーゴンドラ、鋸山ロープウェー展望台
ツアーB 成田山新勝寺 入り口、成田山新勝寺本殿
新潟 ツアーA たらい舟、たらい舟乗船2、虫谷の入江、竜王洞1
ツアーB 道遊の割戸、割戸寄り、旧相川拘置支所、独居房、シックナー
山梨 ツアーA 富士山五合目、ブドウ狩り、ワイナリー畑、ワイン倉庫、花の都公園、河口湖
石川 ツアーA あかり坂登り2、兼六園俯瞰、長町武家屋敷跡歩き、唐崎松歩き
ツアーB ひがし茶屋街歩き、時雨亭、主計町 茶屋街歩き
長野 ツアーA 松本城歩き、大王わさび農場わさび畑、大王わさび農場水車、立石公園、諏訪湖、水明館庭、露天風呂
ツアーB 旧開智学校、旧開智学校歩き、旧開智学校教室、露天風呂
岐阜 ツアーA 飛騨高山古い町並み歩き
ツアーB 白川郷 朝、白川郷・囲炉裏、飛騨古川歩き、馬籠宿 歩き、宮川朝市、水明館部屋
奈良 ツアーA
ツアーB 長谷寺仁王門、長谷寺舞台・本殿、長谷寺五重塔
和歌山 ツアーA
ツアーB 金剛峰寺、蟠龍庭、根本大塔、和歌山城
兵庫 ツアーA 姫路城近景、姫路城歩き
ツアーB 西の丸庭園、御橋廊下
岡山 ツアーA 倉敷歩き、倉敷川船渡、後楽園歩き、蒜山三山1
ツアーB 倉敷美観地区、倉敷美観地区2、天岩戸臨空館、福田神社西
広島 ツアーA 大鳥居、厳島神社
ツアーB 原爆ドーム歩き、平和記念公園
島根 ツアーA 経島、稲佐の浜
ツアーB 出雲大社参道歩き、出雲大社本殿、出雲大社拝殿、日御碕神社 歩き
山口 ツアーA 角島大橋1、角島大橋下、瑠璃光寺
ツアーB 赤間神宮 歩き
香川 ツアーA エンジェルロード、エンジェルロード歩き、中山千枚田、父母ヶ浜、能古島花畑、能古島花畑歩き
ツアーB 金刀比羅宮 階段1、金刀比羅宮階段ラスト、金刀比羅宮本宮
徳島 ツアーA かずら橋、かずら橋歩き、鳴門大橋&渦潮
ツアーB 霊山寺
長崎 ツアーA 平和祈念像歩き
ツアーB グラバー邸歩き
福岡 ツアーA 沖津宮2、野河内渓谷2
ツアーB 長浜屋台1、清流屋台通り歩き1、志賀海神社、金印公園
熊本 ツアーA
ツアーB 上色見熊野座神社、上色見熊野座神社岩穴、霊巖洞 外観、霊巖洞、霊巖洞五百羅漢坐像、
鹿児島 ツアーA 苔むす森、千座の岩屋、門倉岬、マングローブパーク、マングローブパーク歩き、太鼓岩歩き、
ラスト ツアーA 北海道…7丁目、青森…馬門岩、青森…雲井の滝寄り、福島…大内宿歩き、福島…只見宿、長野…雲場池歩き、
ツアーB 茨城…JAXA展示館、佐渡島…北沢浮遊選鉱場跡歩き、岐阜…合掌内部、石川…金沢駅、石川…琴柱灯篭、

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